Featured Press

Featured Press

The Huffington Post UK
“Think of it as a Fairtrade stamp, but for sugar”



“The Sugarwise certification scheme is billed as sugar’s equivalent of the Fairtrade marque and it certainly has the potential to become just as big.”




Marketing magazine
“a social enterprise (that) would function along the lines of well-known accreditation schemes such as Fairtrade.”




Food manufactuer
“Gives consumers the ability to take control of their free sugar intake.”



“A new system that identifies levels of sugar that have been added to what we’re going to eat”




“To get the label businesses will have to comply with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines which state that sugars should make up just five percent of a person’s daily calorie intake.”





Sky News

Cardiologist: Laura Corr, Sugarwise: “step in right direction”

Action on Sugar: Jennifer Rosborough: “Certification definitely would be helpful”

Nutritionist: Nicole Berberian: “Without labelling we don’t know what’s been added”


BBC News 24

BBC News at 10


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