Sugarwise Certified Products

Sugarwise Certified Products

All whole foods including fruit and vegetables are naturally Sugarwise, the following certified products are manufactured with low or no free sugars.

Real Good ketchup is gluten, nut and dairy free – and now Sugarwise certified, too! A delicious way to enjoy your favourite meals and stay Sugarwise.






Oppo Ice creams allow you to indulge in proper ice cream without compromising your health. They’re made with fresh cream, coconut milk and stevia and three flavours of their delicious range are Sugarwise certified reduced sugar.






Clearly Drinks is an independent and dynamic branded soft drinks business. They produce leading sugar free beverages that taste great and are Sugarwise certified.






Free From Fellows make mouth-watering sweets without the sugar! They’re Sugarwise certified and are sure to satisfy even the most saccharine of sweet-tooths.






Minioti is a tasty, premium ice cream with no added sugar, 100% Jersey milk and Sugarwise certification that the whole family is sure to enjoy.






Madame Sunshine make delicious sauces and chutneys that are dairy-free, gluten-free and a selection are now Sugarwise certified. Pick up a jar of Sugarwise jar of sunshine for yourself!






Hangry snack Fruit, Oat, Nut & Seed bars contain natural hangry stabilising ingredients, hand rolled and pressed in England. Better yet, their Original Nutter and Cranky Cocoa bars are Sugarwise certified and sure to satisfy your appetite.






Desi are passionate about bringing truly authentic Indian food to your home or restaurant in the most convenient way possible without compromise on taste or quality. They have a range of spice mixes and pastes that are Sugarwise approved and sure to liven up your mealtimes.






Heavenly Tasty Organics is leading the way in 100% organic healthy snacking for babies and children, with a great range from wafers and waffles to bites and breadsticks. All of their products are Sugarwise certified and sure to be a hit with the kids.






Stute produce a range of delicious no added sugar preserves, from Morello Cherry Jam to Thick Cut Orange Marmalade. Best of all, their entire range of no added sugar preserves are Sugarwise certified.






 Zeo drinks are low calorie, low sugar and have no artificial ingredients in five refreshing flavours. They’re totally delicious and Sugarwise certified.





The Healthy Food Development is an innovator in health preserving nutrition, producing only healthy food ingredients, innovative market formulations for all industrial segment of food manufacturing. They now have certified Sugarwise products in their range, including pasta.






Romeo’s Bakery is London’s first Sugar Free and Gluten Free Bakery, providing a tasty range of certified Sugarwise Sugar Free and Gluten Free artisan cakes, pastries, quiches and breads, including Dairy Free and Vegan options.







JimJams is a new, fun and exciting brand of healthier spreads. JimJams aims to inject new life into a stagnant spread category with its fun, fresh and eye-catching branding. They provide a full range of Great Taste Award Winning healthier spreads which include our delicious Sugarwise certified Chocolate Spreads. They are kinder on teeth, have less effect on your blood glucose levels, contain fewer calories and are also Gluten Free. First #sugarwise chocolate spread.









Plamil create dairy free and no added sugar Sugarwise chocolate. Plamil create their food in their factory which allows them to ensure great quality products. First #sugarwise chocolate bar.Visit to see their full Sugarwise range.







Mason’s Beans are an industry first, they create fresh baked beans in multiple flavours with no added sugar. They now have three Sugarwise certified products including Real Tomato, Bacon & Mustard, and Smoked Chilli. The products were featured on Dragon’s Den and gained investment from Nick Jenkins. First #sugarwise baked beans.








Stoffell’s sauces create savoury sauces such as tomato ketchup, brown sauce and tomato chilli ketchup. All of which are free from added sugar and use Stevia in order to add sweetness, which has no calories and doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels. First #sugarwise barbeque sauce and first #sugarwise tomato sauce.








La Saucy Salsa is an Authentic Taste of Spain. Enjoy traditional recipes Andalusian style as a dip for tapas and fresh bread. Or relish them as they do in the Canaries drizzled appetizingly over your main meal, as a tasty accompaniment to almost any dish. All four of their salsas are #sugarwise, including Paprika, Coriander, Chilli & Garlic and Parsley.







“>GYM Crate
GymCrate is a monthly service delivering a selection of handpicked supplements, snacks and health products straight to your door. These have been carefully selected to ensure customers are kept up to date with the latest supplements and health products in the market today. We have a special Sugarwise crate to help you find #sugarwise supplements.







Zoot create guilt free bars for you to snack on, their mission is to ensure that everyone who snacks can do so in a healthy way that suits their lifestyle. They’ve created snack bars with great flavours including Cashew Supreme, Brazil nut carnival, and Zoot milk and dark chocolate. Four are now #sugarwise







Fruit Heroes logo

Fruit Heroes is the number one children’s lunchbox snack in Denmark with more than 30 million bars sold each year. Fruit Heroes create healthy fruit bars made from only natural ingredients, all of their range including the strawberry, Banana,Apple & Raspberry and Blackberry are now all Sugarwise. First #sugarwise children’s fruit bar







Diablo Devilishly Good Treats
Diablo create great no added sugar treats including chocolate bars, cookies, sweets and muesli bar. So you can treat yourself without feeling devilish.




Wheyhey logo
Wheyhey!’s protein ice cream has four great flavours; banoffee, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. And the great news is they are all Sugarwise! So you can indulge yourself without that guilty feeling afterwards.






Squirrel Sisters
Check out Squirrel sisters and their great range of snack bars, including cacao brownie, cacao orange, coconut cashew and raspberry ripple all of which are now Sugarwise!





Little dish logo
Proper nutritious food for kids to enjoy. Little Dish make a wide range of great tasting healthy meals for 1 to 6 year olds. With ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs and even pizzas, little Dish provides great tasting healthy food for your kids to enjoy.





Savorini specialised in manufacturing prime agri-food. We’ve certified their argan and almond spread which tastes great.






Mr lees logo

Instant noodles that are good for you! Mr lees noodles are 100% tasty and 0% nasty, with 6 different tasty variations there’s lots to try. They’re gluten free with nothing artificial and are Sugarwise.





Healthy no added sugar baby food that gives your children nutritious interesting food for them to munch on. Babease give you and your family the most flavour packed food possible for your kids to enjoy.






Food For Life

Foodforlife create wholesome great tasting, healthy bread, buns, cereals, pasta, pocket breads, tortillas and waffles.





The New Atkins
As well as being low carb Atkins foods are also Sugarwise. With a wide range of products ranging from Chocolate fudge bar and cookies and cream bar to their chocolate and strawberry drink.





Smootheelicious create great tasting smoothies for you to make at home, with great flavours such as pineapple, strawberry & coconut and Peach, passion fruit & mango. All of which will get your taste buds moving!







A range of all natural zero calorie sugar alternatives, whole food flours and low-carb, sugar and gluten-free easy-to-bake mixes.





Nutri-Nicks are offering an alternative to the mainstream with their no added sugar bars, pasta, hot chocolate mix and stevia sweetening drops.






HeyLikeWow! make healthy, vitamin-enriched, sugar and preservative free great tasting drinks for us all to enjoy. With a huge range of flavours, from apple, orange to Mango lime and coconut, and hibiscus, grape and pear. Using their innovative bottle to inject the flavour.






Naturally guilt free logo
Naturally guilt free make guilt free granolas, bites and slices,raw balls and truffles. All of their products are naturally free from dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, and free sugars. We’ve certified their Coconut and Walnut Raw Balls and Fudge Brownie Raw Balls as Sugarwise!






nutural world logo
Nut Butters with no added artificial flavouring, colouring, emulsifiers or fillers that are Sugarwise! All made from the best nuts and seeds available.






Nomad Health
Nomad healths natural pastas are Sugarwise and gluten free. Nomad health help you stick to your paleo diet with pastas made from flaxseed, green banana, sesame and more.





sáile create healthy seaweed infused snacks, including their organic synergy ball mix which is Sugarwise! Using Atlantic seaweed and pure organic ingredients.





All three of Nut Blends roasted almond and hazelnut butters are all Sugarwise! With natural sweetness designed to satisfy your cravings and provide wholesome energy. Nut Blend only use roasted almonds and hazelnuts, organics raw cacao powder, organic hemp protein powder and natural spices to provide maximum taste.







free'ist logo
Free’ists large range of scrumptious sugar free products are now Sugarwise! With a huge range including popcorn to chocolate and Jams and more! So you can get your sweet fix from your favourite snacks without the sugar.






London Falafel

Great tasting, all-natural and Sugarwise falafel. London Falafels Vegetarian and vegan are simply vegetables, herbs and spices, giving you a brilliant natural taste.


creative nature logo
Sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Creative nature’s snack bars are Sugarwise, gluten, dairy, soya, nut and wheat free. As well as tasting great! With Goji Goodness, Raw Cacao, Peanut Protein and Ginger Teatox.